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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 4, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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borne u.s. citizen has admitted to trying to blow up a car bomb near times square. a hidden vin number led them to the former owner, who sold the car on craigslist three weeks ago. shahzad uses his own -- used his own name when he bought the car in cash. he was on a no-fly list, but it was never on the list until after the plane pulled away for dubai. >> the plane pulled away, but authorities order today back. a 9-millimeter handgun was found inside the car that shahzad drove to the airport. >> reporter: shahzad has been talking to investigators and claims he acted alone. but the 30-year-old recently returned from a five-month stay in pakistan. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say shahzad attended
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a terror training camp in pakistan. and there are reports a friend of his has been detained in that country. fbi agents searched a connecticut apartment shahzad rented. neighbors say he was a family man, married and raising two small children. >> we didn't think we had somebody in our own backyard. >> reporter: shahzad became a u.s. citizen last year after passing background checks. >> pakistani leaders say they have not been formally asked to help in the investigation but would cooperate if asked. alarming new details tonight about how a cockeysville woman was killed tonight. yardly love's -- yard -- yeardley love's love's family and friends are remembering her. >> reporter: this murder has impacted so many people in our community. love spent her high school years playing lacrosse on this
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field behind me. and tonight, documents that wjz has reviewed, reveals she died a violent death. >> reporter: wjz is learning new information about yeardley love's final moments alive. police now say her ex- boyfriend, george hughly, cho who is charged with her murder, confessed to smashing through her bedroom door with his foot, then hitting the bedroom wall over and over during a fight. those are among the bombshell revelations contained in this police affidavit. >> we're hopeful that once we interview the large number of people that need to be enjoy interviewed, -- be interviewed, we'll have a better idea of what's taking place. >> hughly is from chevy chase. both played lacrosse at the university of virginia, where love's roommates found her body face down on a pillow in a pool of blood inside her apartment. >> she was just a sweetheart. her family was amazing. i feel bad for her family.
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i can't imagine what they're going through. >> reporter: hughly's parents said nothing leaving court today. >> we are confident ms. love's death was not intended but an accident with a tragic outcome. >> reporter: wjz has also learned hughly told mispolice he had been e-mailing love and took her computer from her apartment after their apartment and disposed of it. also, when they found love, her face was badly bruised and her eye was swollen shut. >> there is nothing but nice things to say about her. it's a shame. >> reporter: hughly's bail has been postponed until next month. notre dame players will honor love at their away game tonight in alexandria, virginia. they'll put black tape on their sticks. they'll also paint her number, number 1 on there are legs and wear orange in their hair. reporting live from towson, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> new at 6:00, wjz speaks to one of love's
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rival coaches. a guilty plea from a former college football player. he was behind the wheel tonight. vic is in the newsroom with details for us. >> reporter: 24-year-old david erdmann has pleaded guilty to negligent homicide. erdmann's younger brother and friends, steven denko was in the pickup truck. the truck flipped over. and 17-year-old denkos was killed. erdmann's lawyer says they did not know denko was in the bed of the truck. >> he played football at river dale high school in clarks dale. more arrests tonight in connection with the killing of a d.c. principal. montgomery county police now say three people have been charged with the principal's death. alanty saunders, charise lancaster, and gray are all charged with murder.
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yesterday, lancaster's mother was charged with knowingly receiving a credit card, stolen from betts. a brazen armed robbery almost caused one business owner her life this morning. derek valcourt was at the crime scene and has the latest on the investigation. derek? >> reporter: police called this one an armed robbery gone wrong. and tonight, the gunman is still on the run. >> reporter: wjz first on the scene, with the only cameras there, as medics treated salon owner. she was just before 11:00 this morning, when a gunman came in, demanding money. >> at one point, during the robbery, gunfire erupted. the owner of the establishment was struck once in the head. at least once. >> reporter: the bullet grazed her head, sparing her life. clients of the salon, saddened by the shooting but thrilled to hear the owner will survive. >> she's real sweet.
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she's a christian. and whoever did it, i hope they turn themselves in. because god sees all. >> reporter: some of the people here on the scene said the robber left the salon and booked it back behind this building. >> reporter: officers scoured the area, searching for the suspect, using police dogs and the helicopter. police say he was last seen running northbound on bel air road. >> i was robbed a couple of times. >> reporter: cheryl said she used to work at the neighboring cigarette depot. one of neighboring businesses that installed security glass because of robberies in the area. >> the neighborhood is getting back. -- bad. i was hoping to go back to work. but after this, my husband ain't going to let me come back to work. >> reporter: for now, police say the gunman is still on the run. >> reporter: and that armed robber was able to get away with an unknown amount of cash. we're live at police headquarters. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> no one else was injured in the robbery this morning. the only survivor of a deadly crash in western maryland had to flag down help from the side of the road. three people were killed in the
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crash when a ford mustang ran off interstate 68. state police say it is not clear when the crash happened. but the only survivor was spotted by a driver around 8:40 this morning. police say the victim appears to be from fayette city, pennsylvania. and they were not wearing seat belts. it is the end of a very tough day on wall street. concerns about a debt crisis in greece sent stocks plunging. the dow is down 225 points. the biggest drop in three months. s&p down 29. nasdaq down 74. losing 3% of its value. fear tonight of more victims of the flooding in tennessee. rescuers are concerned, even more bodies will emerge as floodwaters recede in nashville and much of tennessee. at least 29 people are dead from the weekend storm. but also hit mississippi and kentucky. damage estimates from the storm are in the tens of millions of dollars. here in maryland, summer- like conditions continue.
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we're lucky to be facing what we're facing in tennessee. live look outside now. clear and pleasant tonight. meteorologist bernadette woods there, updating the forecast >> those are showers. but they're well to our north. looks like we'll sweep escape. -- we'll escape. we really dried out nicely. but up to the north, there are shower or thundershowers. the dew point is way down. humidity also only 30%. around northeast pennsylvania, not too far from new york city. and across portions of connecticut, some showers did move through philadelphia, at least negotiation of -- north of that region. for us, i couldn't find anything, maybe closer to the harrisburg region. looks like dry and cooler tonight. tomorrow, beautiful day. what about the next chance of any showers. bernadette has a look ahead to thursday. >> that's right. we get rid of this. and the next chance is going to be thursday. there's another front coming our way, similar to this one. it's going to pass north of our region. it will be right on the fringe with a chance of shower or
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thunderstorms as we head through the day. that will get out of here for friday. and the next, more significant storm is coming our way friday night into saturday. we'll have more on that coming up in the forecast. until then, though, it is going to be warm. right now, we'll send it back inside. the stars are out in baltimore. and it is creating a bit of a traffic mess for divers downtown right now. -- drivers downtown right now. jessica kartalija has more on a special event that took place today at the arena. jessica? >> reporter: good evening, mary. as you can see behind me, there are several people pouring out of first mariner arena. some advice to you. if you are heading out, avoid this area if at all possible. >> reporter: thousands from all over the country travel to charm city for the get motivated business seminar. >> don't know if it's going to work. don't know if he's going to succeed. but just sometimes have to take the risk. >> reporter: this man flew in from nashville. >> i'm very energized. getting ready to go back and
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completely redo my investments. got a new tragedy now financially. didn't even realize i was going to get that. >> reporter: speakers include baltimore native michael phelps, ravens, michael orr, rudy giuliani, and colin powell. >> i'm from pennsylvania. and a group of us that work in the same insurance, contracting agency are down here to get a little bit of motivation and leadership knowledge. and so far, it's been great. >> reporter: attendees wore out of the first mariner arena, right into rush hour traffic. >> reporter: and major construction along lombard certainly isn't helping matters either. an entire lane of the road is completely blocked off, increasing traffic on this street. >> reporter: commuters are urged to take alternate routes home, avoiding this west side neighborhood. >> our plan now is to try to find my car. and hopefully not spend too much time in traffic on the way home. >> reporter: hopefully he did find his car.
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avoid this area if at all possible. we heard from several that they planned to come in and stay late to avoid the very problem we're talking about. we're live outside fairn first mariner arena. -- first mariner arena. >> hopefully you can get out of there as well. >> reporter: i hope so, too. >> the get-motivated business seminar tours across the country and stops in a different city each and every week. still ahead, crackdown against sex offenders. the legislation the governor signed today to keep your children safe. she came to baltimore to share breast cancer treatment. tonight, a local hospital remembers lynn redgrave. why oil spilling in the gulf of mexico could soon be headed up the east coast. that story as eyewitness news continues. a warm and comfortable night. the updated forecast with bob coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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actriz -- actress lynn redgave battled cancer for several years. she journaled about her struggles. and traveled across the country. >> reporter: the photos are moving and emotional. lynn redgrave's fight against breast cancer, documented by her daughter anna bel. part of a book. and part of an exhibition. dr. schulz said redgrave brought a message of hope and healing. >> she was good for patients. she would tell them about her story. she would listen to their stories. she didn't let it get her dun -- down. she worked as much as she
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could. >> reporter: she with wjz eyewitness news about her journey. >> i was a basket case. i was 4 years old and i was sobbing and hopeless and so surprised at myself that i couldn't handle it. i just fell apart. and that's when anna bel became the adult and i became the child. and that's when she shaved my hair for me. >> she never gave in, never gave up. always continued to work and to plan for the future. we just felt so energized and moved by this great woman of the theater who just really came to do so much. >> redgrave's appearance in baltimore also helped raise money for breast cancer research and awareness. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads now with sharon gibala at wjz traffic control.
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hi, sharon. plenty of accidents to tell you about. including a fire. you'll want to watch for that and the closures because of it. that's going to be blocking butler at sacred heart lane. take reisterstown road. an accident in the clearing stages at erdmann. and a new one at executive park and parkville. there's an accident. on harford in east jobba. -- joppa. and one in east seminary. and watch for one in churchville. a few accidents. and north mount. and 83 northbound. a six-minute drive. between chase street and 28th street at this point. there's a look at your drive times and the speeds on the beltway. 30 miles an hour. top side inner loop between 83 and 95. there's a look at the west side. it looks like it's running smoothly at baltimore national pike. on 95. you could have to tap your brakes. but it doesn't look as bad as
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it usually does at this hour. if you've suffered a personal journey injury, call 1-800-the firm. gulf coast residents are keeping an anxious eye on the shorelines with hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil. since they really can't fish, bp is paying gulf coast fishermen to stop the containment boon. and while gulf coast states are most vulnerable, alex demetrick reports, a large part of the eastern seaboard may see oil drifting their way. >> reporter: this may seem a long way from the oil spill off louisiana, until you factor in the gulf stream. >> this is a very fast current. it's the gulf stream. and it moves upwards of 100 to 200 miles a day. and that's pretty far. dr. bill coit's specialty is
5:19 pm
here. and he is worried oil will make it out of the gulf. as time is high, you'll get a north wind likely. and it could take only a couple of days when the oil comes awe shore. and joins the loop current. >> the possibility once it leaves the north carolina coast is raised. >> the odds of oil making it to maryland are not high. because nature has built in a little protection. it is also at the gulf stream. the gulf stream turns east. >> that helps protect us in maryland and the chesapeake day.
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you can bring water from the chesapeake bay. but you have to be persistent. >> then so is the spill. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> british petroleum did begin drilling a relief well to stop the leak. a job that is expected to take at least a month. >> i know. around here, beautiful weather. great-looking day coming up. take a look at temps coming up now. we're at 80. dew point way down to 46. humidity only 30%. west winds, 14. on the way back up. come back and take a look at ,,,
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beautiful afternoon. just a few widely scattered clouds. didn't expect to see a whole lot today. for the most part, it's been dry and sunny. just a few clouds to our north here. a few showers north of harrisburg. but for us looks like a cool and dryer night. take a look at temperatures it's still warm. normal highs only in the 70s. we're still at 80 degrees. dew point is way down in the mid-40s. dew points in the 60s to near
5:24 pm
70. that's very humid, very moist air. the air is really dried out. hot spot, 84, bax river. 68 in oakland now. this place still producing showers this afternoon. and this morning from southern alabama to the carolinas. heavy rain to our northwest. look the pretty impressive during the day. but this frontal system, weak that it is, pretty much dissipated. that's where they saw the showers. and now, they've all moved off toward the eastern portions of new england, may main, massachusetts-- maine, massachusetts, connecticut. most of the state, ocean city north and west, clear, clear sailing. tomorrow, beautiful high pressure moves in. a great-looking day. temperatures around 80 again with low humidity, great, great weather. thursday, another quick-moving front. these are really catching up from west to east. the jet streams moving quickly. this next front in the afternoon, thursday, maybe a
5:25 pm
brief shower or thundershower. we're only talking about a 20% chance. the best chance this week will come late friday night and into saturday morning. a stronger front and behind that, pretty chilly air for this time of year. for the weekend, we'll be back in the 60s for highs. and you can turn off the air conditioning and enjoy that. but tomorrow, beautiful day. thursday, a weak front going through the region. maybe a brief shower or pop-up shower. -- thundershower. small craft advisory until 8:00 tonight. winds tomorrow becoming southerly at 5 to 10. bay temp around 60 degrees. clear and cooler tonight. 53. upper 40s maybe in cooler suburban areas. nice. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. just like today. beautiful afternoon. high of 81 degrees. don't forget the sun screen. this time of year, you forget when it's not super hot, same sun we had -- have in august and july. so use the sun screen. >> need it year round really.
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thank you, bob. headed to jail. the admitted blackmailer of david letterman is sentenced. college lockdown. a gun scare on a baltimore campus. i'm ron matz, at bwi. remember all of the snow that fell here at the airport? well, it's taken three months. and we'll tell you the rest of the story coming up right here on wjz.
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hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. it is 5:28. sunny and 83 degrees outside. good evening. thanks for staying with wjz,
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eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. college lockdown. a gun scare disrupts the community of baltimore county's essex campus. andrea fujii explains how a dangerous situation was diffused. >> reporter: thousands of students woke up this morning to find alerts on their phone by text message, telling them that campus was closed because of the threat of a man on campus. turps out that threat was credible. >> reporter: students are now going about their daily business. but campus was closed earlier this morning. when a woman called police. saying her husband, an employee of ccbc essex may be armed and dangerous. >> the information we received was that the subject was coming here, what that he was an employee and that he possibly had a shotgun. >> reporter: they sent out alerts, warning students campus was closed. in the meantime, police searched campus and found no one who was armed. the man when question heard
5:30 pm
police were looking for him and turned himself in. >> in today's times now, i think we really do need to be cautious. so we would much rather prefer to be cautious in any issue that might involve a gun. >> reporter: police say no one is in custody, and no crime was committed. but students continue to say they're glad the campus was extra cautious. >> i was glad the alert went out. what if something did happen? i'm glad they took extra precaution. >> the man in question now has a protective order against him by his wife. >> classes resumed at 11:00 a.m. today. justice for david letterman tonight, as his admitted blackmailer is sentenced. denise has more on today's sentencing for robert joe halderman. >> he will spend six months behind bars and serve 1,000
5:31 pm
community service. it was part of a plea agreement back in march, when halderman pleaded guilty in charges. he demanded $2 million for hush money to not reveal the affairs letterman had with staff. ultimately, letterman did announce on air that he had been having affairs. >> letterman said the scandal dealt him a personal blow. maryland now has some of the toughest laws in the nation for child sex offenders. the murder of a child last year led to many of those changes. >> reporter: the murder of 11- year-old sarah foxwell and the arrest of a convicted child sex offender angered many across maryland. the child's mother turned her pain into advocacy. and today, many bills that get tough on child sex offenders are signed into law. >> i believe that she helped push me through this.
5:32 pm
because without her spirit, i don't think i could have done this. >> reporter: after a massive search, sarah foxwell's body turned up on christmas. suspect, thomas leggs, jr., had served time in the past for assaulting girl little. -- girls. another bill increases minimum sentences. >> five years to 20 years that you would get for the first or second-degree sexual assault of a child. now that's been moved to 15 to life. >> reporter: the governor speaks to jennifer foxwelat -- foxwell at a bill-signing ceremony. >> we hope that the bill being signed today would offer a small consolation that some good is coming out of that horrible tragedy, as we fight to protect our children from dangerous predators and keep them off our streets. >> reporter: one bill signed into law today requires lifetime monitoring of sex offenders. but there is a loophole, those
5:33 pm
offenders can apply for exemption in just five years. >> we're all very hurt by what happened to her. i know, speaking as her mother, it's a huge victory. it's bittersweet. she didn't die in vain. >> republicans and democrats work together to get the passage of child sex offender bills passed. >> baby gabriel has been missing for months. and for the first time, we're hearing from the jailhouse phone call between his mother to the woman who she allegedly met to get rid of the baby. gabriel's mother, elizabeth johnson, phoned tammy smith in january, accusing smith and her husband gabriel. smith denies she knows where baby gabriel is. and it doesn't take long for the conversation to heat up. >> there are no dots that connect me to you and san antonio. we will be suing you. we will be suing you. >> for what? >> for what? >> what did i do to you? >> for destroying our lives.
5:34 pm
>> you ruined my life. >> for telling your lies. >> johnson puts the blame on smith for giving her the advice that landed her in jail. but during the conversation, smith never actually admits to setting up a couple to take gabriel back in december. those extra fees you pay for air travel are aggravating. but they are helping to keep the industry afloat. according to new numbers, airlines collected nearly $8 billion from revenue in the extra charges. that's up more than 40% from the year before. the airline that collected the most in fees was delta with a biggest chunk coming from checked baj baggage. today on wall street, the stock market took a nose dive as europe scrambled to contain the crisis. american tourists will like the exchange rate. but american manufacturers who want to sell their products there, won't. >> reporter: the arrows are all pointing down, as prices plunge on the new york stock exchange.
5:35 pm
>> it's scary, to be honest with you. it's really scary. >> reporter: market suffered the worst sell-off in months. >> on any given day, the ebb and flow of the market is from cofdz. -- confidence. and fright rite now, the concern -- right now, the concern is greed. >> reporter: other european countries are offering a bailout package. but in return, greece needs to make painful spending cuts. and with protests erupting through the country, investors worry the plan will fail. >> reporter: the trouble has put stocks on a seesaw for much of the past week. in five out of six trading days, the dow has been moved almost 100 points or more. >> reporter: in fact, blue chips rallied almost 100 points or more. >> i'm afraid to invest any kind of money in the stock market now. >> reporter: the concern is that the price will spread through europe. and that other countries will
5:36 pm
need emergency loans. that could drive down the european euro. >> they are so expensive that they don't buy them. which means more layoffs here in america. >> this brings the stock market well below 11,000. and it leaves investors wondering how long europe's troubles will plague wall street. farnoosh torabi, wall street. >> today was the biggest tumble since february. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. more on the investigation into the death of yeardley love. a major step towards bringing possibly an indy league race to baltimore. and more coverage of the get- motivated seminar for businesses at fairp first mariner arena. for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun and look for the updated forecast from the wjz first warning weather team. nominations are in for this year's tony awards. and several stars are in the
5:37 pm
running. [ singing ] >> reporter: that was vanessa williams in songheim and song. also getting big recognition, the latest is mad in 10 categories. and you can see the tony awards here on wjz, june 13th. well, it measured more than six feet and it took three months to finally disappear. today, it is a distant memory. tonight, ron matz has more on the end of the stark reminder of the winter of 2010. >> who can forget baltimore's wicked winter of 2010. >> i've got a 6-foot tall privacy fence in my backyard. >> they measured more than six feet of snow at bwi marshall. >> and our crews worked 24 hours a day for almost a two- week period, clearing it all off. and we're celebrating the end of it. >> the end looks like this. just a trace left.
5:38 pm
but this fence is a reminder of mother nature's wrath. back in february, an empty airport. and the winter of our discontent. >> the piles was created by the snow being plowed off the roof of the garage. it went all the way up as far as you could see. >> today, you could see jets taking off for some sun-soaked beach. and robin seemingly celebrating spring time. a new season has finally touched down. >> now, what's left here at bwi really isn't very much. but it is a reminder that it took 12 weeks for all of that snow to melt. >> glad to see it's gone. and hopefully we don't get any more next year. and may those blue skies stay with us for a while. at bwi marshall, ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> can't even look at it. gives me nightmares. officially, the national weather service reports 77 inches of snow fell at bwi
5:39 pm
during this past winter. >> goodbye. good riddance. >> forever. still ahead on eyewitness news. more travel headache. a ship in a plume of volcanic ash -- shift in a plume of volcanic ash is grounding planes once again. historic crime scene. what caused one woman to stab shoppers? i'm bob turk. lovely weather headed our way. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. here's today's report from wall street. ,,,,
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breaking news. captain mike perry up there with more for us. >> this is actually fullerton townts county. a report of a pedestrian struck. it's actually a bicyclist. it appears to be a male that was struck by a vehicle. initial reports were so grave, saying the injury to the person on the bicycle was very grave. we know that at this point, he is breathing and unconscious. paramedics just arrived on the scene a few moments ago. i expect that they will probably medivac this person. it is on bel air road
5:43 pm
northbound. they are going to completely shut down northbound bel air road. expect major delays if you're coming from the city out to the county. we'll stay on top of this situation as it continues to develop and update you. back to you. >> thank you very much. a renewed threat from ietion land's volcano tonight. another cloud of clash is heading toward europe, temporarily shutting down flights again. >> reporter: the volcano in iceland that put a freeze on air travel is at it again. it sent a new plume of thick, volcanic ash, toward europe. ireland canceled hundreds of flights. 12 days after the volcano shut down virtually all european air travel. >> it was very difficult. and the problem is that the density levels are quite high. >> reporter: passengers again found themselves stranded for hours in dublin before the ban
5:44 pm
was lifted. and it could be a summer of uncertainty for air travelers. >> everybody wants to be safe. so better to be safe than sorry. >> reporter: but the european aviation industry did complain governments played it too safe when they shut down air space for six days. >> reporter: in all, more than 100,000 flights were canceled, inconveniencing 10 million travelers and costing airlines around $3 billion. hoping to avoid another expensive shutdown, european transport ministers met in emergency session in brussels tuesday. they're trying to come up with a better system of figuring out just how much ash is too dangerous for airplanes to fly. charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: the volcanic ash continues to be problematic because of strong winds. they're traveling straight into europe, instead of following their traditional spring-time pass for the uninhabited arctic. wjz is live with live coverage.
5:45 pm
bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods are updating the forecast. heading into tomorrow, we'll start out with sunshine and temperatures, cooler than they have in the past couple of mornings. as we head through the afternoon, we're going right back up to the low 80s for our highs. a bit of a breeze out there. and still low humidity. and tomorrow night, we start to drop once again. for the rest of the five-day, here's bob. >> looks like a great-looking wednesday. 51 at night. possibility again. a slight chance of a pop-up shower or thundershower. thursday. 83. 80 on friday. friday night, very late into saturday morning. another chance of a round of a few showers, thundershowers, cooling down. only 64. but a lot of sunshine here for sunday. pretty cool. 45 and 42 for those nights. kai? >> all right, bob. thank you. two new twists in the search for missing california nurse. authorities continue to follow up on hundreds of tips. and that means dismissing hundreds of false leads. a pennsylvania man falsely
5:46 pm
claimed to know the locations of 24-year-old fong lee. he also served the home of fong's former boss, with whom she was having an affair. right now, police are not calling the man a suspect. rocker-turned reality star bret michaels is released from the hospital. and his doctors say he is lucky to be alive. >> having said that 15 to 20% of patients die, mr. michaels was, indeed, a lucky person. a very lucky person. he survived the hemorrhage. he got to the emergency room. and he got here. >> reporter: michaels suffered a near fatal brain hemorrhage back on may 22nd. doctors say it will be another seven to 10 days before the former front man of poison gets back to his daily activities. looking into the cause of death for child actor corey haim. the medical examiner said that hame died from cold complications. and it did not have to do with
5:47 pm
medications. he had some marijuana in his body and low-level over the counter drugs. but his death was ruled as natural cause. fire crews were called out to try to contain the blaze. for a time, the fire threatened to engulf the entire building. there were no reported injuries. the cause of the fire remains under investigation tonight. it once served as the perch for john f. kennedy's assassination. but today, the 6th floor museum was the site of an attempted bank robbery. police say two men tried to steal a safe. the getaway vehicle then crashed on the sidewalk next to the museum. the suspects remain on the loose. >> still no word on why a california woman went on a bizarre stabbing attack at a target store. investigators say she went on a rampage and attacked four
5:48 pm
people with kitchen knives before she was stopped by an off-duty sheriff's deputy, who just happened to be in the store. the woman has been booked on suspicion of attempted murder. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00. for these stories and more, vic is standing by with a preview. gay marriage controversy. just a month after gay marriages were made legal in washington, d.c. their son died in iraq. all al schneider wanted was to bury him in peace. did they cross the line? >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news coming up at 6:00. back to you. >> vic, thank you. chain saws are usually reserved for tearing things up. >> but a texas -- woman is changing things up. >> she makes everything from
5:49 pm
decorative furniture to sculptures. >> and after hours of tools, she makes a profit at her one of a kind store. notice her safety goggles goggles and hair. >> i saw her a little bit. there we go. >> she's also wearing the ear phones. >> she is pretty talented, i think. >> she's wearing the proper safety equipment. it's important. >> we only show that on tv. we want people to be safe out there. stay with us. eyewitness sports is coming up next. this is mark viviano. the orioles look to their young lefty to stop the yankees. i'll chat with tonight's starting pitcher, brian matusz. and tiger woods talks about getting his mind right after one of the worst tournaments of his career. that's ahead when eyewitness news continues.
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orioles took their three- game winning streak to new york, knowing they'd hit a one,
5:53 pm
two, three punch. andy petit tomorrow. all three yankees have dominated the o's in their careers. and sabathia bolstered his career with baltimore. with eight innings, allowed just one run. if you've followed the o's, you've seen it before. sabathia has 11 wins against the o's. allowed fewer than three runs against the game. tonight, the birds face aj burnett through eight shutout innings last we think. 10-2 in his career against the o's. o's go with a young lefty, brian matusz. he's pitched well against some good teams. i asked matis about the assignment. >> coming off the start with the yankees last time, i feel like there are some adjustments i can make to improve. and really looking forward to the start. >> pitching in the american league east at fenway, against the yankees, you grow up quickly? >> i guess you have to when you
5:54 pm
have the red sox. it's going to be tough throughout the whole season. it's a lot of fun. it is a lot of fun going out there every day. lineup 1 through 9 will be a challenge. madison lost three runs to the yankees last week. including a robinson home run. game time, 7:05 last night. in golf, tiger woods looks to claw his way back. after one of the worst tournaments of his career. he'll give it a shot. woods had a disastrous second round at quail hollow. failed to make the cut in a regular tournament event. what it needs to correct in his game is primarily mental. >> getting in my mind, where i need to be. and certainly making a lot of adjustments in my life. and i've gone through a lot.
5:55 pm
and i just want to make sure i get everything organized so i can play. >> tiger has a 1:30 tee time. coming up next hour, baltimore honors its high school unsung heros. a prestigious annual award that embodies the spirit of sports. ravens' head coach john harbaugh takes part. and we'll take you to this at 6:00. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. explosive new details in the murder of a star lacrosse player from baltimore county. her ex-boyfriend's startling admission tropolice. what he took from her bedroom and inside into her final moments alive. i'm mike hellgren wi,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up at 6:00. a student murdered. tonight, new details on what happened and why the suspect said it was an accident. safe from terror. the feds say he admits to driving a car bomb into the heart of times square. how he was identified. and new revelations about his background. a major event here at first mannerrer arena brought in several stars. also brought in a major traffic headache. i'm jessica cart kartalija. that story coming up. a terrific tuesday. don't miss the update first
5:59 pm
warning forecast. check in for these stories special all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. life cut short. a young baltimore county woman, murdered just a month before her college graduation. >> tonight, new details on exactly what happened in her apartment at the university of virginia. >> hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. and i'm denise koch. >> shock and sadness at the university of virginia. a student murdered. her boyfriend now charged. the victim went to high school in towson. mike hellgren has


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